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Juki DNU-1541S Service Manual and Users Manual

  Juki DNU-1541S Sales Brochure. Juki DNU-1541s Service Manual /Engineer’s Manual. Juki DNU-1541s Operator’s Manual/ User’s Manual.

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Bernina 1130 User Manual and Service Manual [PDF]

These manuals are hard to find on the Internet. I found them. Bernina 1130 User Manual/Guide. PDF, 59 pages. Bernina 1130/1120 Service Manual. PDF, 73 pages. Keywords: Bernina 1130 User Manual. Bernina 1130 Repair. Bernina Oiling Guide. How to thread … Continue reading

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Creative Commons Global Summit – This Week!

Faro de Palacio Barolo sobre Congreso (View of Buenos Aires and Palacio Barolo, at night) by Beatrice Murch, CC BY I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving talks in Buenos Aires and La Plata in the coming week. This is for the … Continue reading

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DIY Book Scanner in Business Insider

Here it is! Big thanks to Dylan Love for doing a great job on the article.

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Oscar Wilde

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

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Daniel Reetz on CNNI

First Kathrine: Then Daniel: Article here: I talked about what happened with Kseniya and Svetlana. Thanks to Cory Charles for the opportunity.

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Daniel Reetz in the New York Times

So, uhh, I/my project made it into the print edition of the New York Times today, February 10th. Page C1 – Arts: I am proud to be called part of the “dark matter of innovation”. I must correct one … Continue reading

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Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout

I love the Casio EX-FH100. I hate proprietary bullshit. It’s tremendously aggravating when a manufacturer arbitrarily makes up a new connector — especially when we have perfectly good standard connectors already. Proprietary bullshit stokes my rebel spirit, makes me fighty, … Continue reading

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DIY Book Scanner Helps Out in Haiti, is Featured in the NYT

I’m pleased to say that the NYT made mention of my community and my recent article today. I’m also pleased to announce that technology that I’ve developed with that community will be helping improve the lives of people in Haiti: … Continue reading

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The Why in DIY Book Scanning in NYLS Review.

Today, Google announced the availability of their ebook store. Times, they are changin’… Today, I proud to announce that my article “The Why in DIY Book Scanning” is now available [PDF] from New York Law School Review. In it, I … Continue reading

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Daniel and Dário’s Third Generation Book Scanner Pre-Release.

The original book scanner plans took the grand prize in the Instructables/Epilog Grand Challenge. The grand prize was a laser cutter — and the moment I got the laser cutter I started using it to make more book scanners. In … Continue reading

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Late Notice: The Why in DIY Book Scanning

Guest: Daniel Reetz, founder and steward of the DIY Book Scanner community Where: MIT Media Lab E14-240 When: Wednesday March 24, 2010 14:00-15:30 Hope to see you there. Special thanks: Mako.

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Upcoming Talk At Harvard’s Berkman Center, Hope To See You There.

I’m totally excited about my upcoming speaking engagement at Harvard’s Berkman Center. So excited, in fact, that I’m going to use the opportunity to announce the release of a few new, exciting projects from the forums here. It’s going to … Continue reading

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DIY Book Scanner Visits St. Anne’s School.

My nephew asked me to be his show-and-tell a few weeks ago. I finally made time to visit him today. The visit was a total success. I presented the DIY Book Scanner project to kindergarteners, 4th graders, and 5th graders. … Continue reading

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Uniden BCD396XT non-standard “USB” cable and a source of connectors.

I’ve been modifying radios, scanners, and mobile phones for years. I’ve learned from experience that these industries are total bastards when it comes to connectors and pinouts. More often than not, the connector on any mobile device, including phones, is … Continue reading

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NDSU Minard Hall Collapse Animation.

NDSU posted some official information about the collapse, though of course the back-channel email communication is far more interesting. I made an animation from their webcam images. Note particularly the steam in the stairwell — the steam heat in the … Continue reading

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Photosynth of NDSU’s Minard Hall Collapse.

Photosynth is a “Photo Tourism” application that lets you seamlessly navigate all 728 high resolution images I took of the Minard Hall collapse. Requires Microsoft Silverlight, sorry. Don’t miss the “Collapse of Minard Hall” post below, featuring enormous high-res panoramas … Continue reading

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Videos of NDSU’s Minard Hall Excavation And Collapse.

Before: After:

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DIY Book Scanner Graces Instructables Top Ten Most Viewed. has announced their “Best of 2009” winners and the DIY Book Scanner Instructable was in the top ten in the category “Most Viewed”.

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The Collapse of Minard Hall at NDSU.

Recent construction-related excavation work on Minard Hall caused the North face of the building to collapse, exposing faculty offices and engineering incompetence in one fell swoop. Minard Hall (formerly Science Hall) has a concrete foundation which rests on a bed … Continue reading

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