Daniel and Dário’s Third Generation Book Scanner Pre-Release.

The original book scanner plans took the grand prize in the Instructables/Epilog Grand Challenge. The grand prize was a laser cutter — and the moment I got the laser cutter I started using it to make more book scanners. In a future ostensibly full of such rapid prototyping machines, we should be able to simply “print” a book scanner from wood or plastic. This scanner design is more or less a tech demo showing it can be done.

I promised I’d release the artwork to produce one of these scanners last October, but haven’t had the time. That’s where Dário de Moura comes in. He had been working on a 3D model of the folding scanner from the photographs I’d shared. I sent him all the original artwork to work from, as well. We have been working on a GPL release of the so-called “3rd Generation” laser-cut book scanner for some months now. Dário has done the lion’s share of the work, having sorted through the mess of Corel artwork, created perfect Sketchup models and a bunch of documentation.

This is only a preview of the scanner. Do not use this artwork to produce anything just yet. Do not post it on another website just yet. We have some details to work out (file naming, proper credits, alternate formats) and we have some GPL licensing issues to work out as well. That said, as promised, you can download these files now and see the work we’ve been doing. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a beta of the scanner with more complete licensing information, credits, etc. It will be Free, in any case.

The Parts List (neatly shows the placement of each part)

The Manual (Describes each section/view of the scanner)

The Sketchup Artwork:

The Electronics Package:

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