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Daniel interviewed in NDSU Magazine.

Recently, I had the singular pleasure of being interviewed by Laura McDaniel, for NDSU Magazine. I am really pleased with the way the interview turned out, and my artwork is featured on the cover. The entire issue (Fall 2007 Vol. … Continue reading

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FPCoA and Protein:DScratch

Pierre Gorgull wrote a great sample manipulation toy for the Nintendo DS — “Protein: DScratch“. I was ready to sell my DS lite, but this software changed my mind. It is that good. I created three demo samples for his … Continue reading

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Sputnik, Revision Two.

I recently posted about a Sputnik music box. Unfortunately, I got some of it wrong. Fortunately, I have great friends with keen eyes and quick brains. Женя says: I just wandered on your blog today and heard the wonderful tinkling … Continue reading

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