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Time Lapsed 2009. 2010 I Turn 28.

The year began on fire. I rocked the Winter Carnivale. Built a book scanner. And another. Baked bread. Studied math in the early hours. Published. Made music. Made machines. That make machines. Drowned. Saved books from drowning in Valley City. … Continue reading

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NDSU Minard Hall Collapse Animation.

NDSU posted some official information about the collapse, though of course the back-channel email communication is far more interesting. I made an animation from their webcam images. Note particularly the steam in the stairwell — the steam heat in the … Continue reading

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REMINDER: Upcoming Talks at World Fair Use Day, Harvard’s Berkman Center.

The first is January 12th, 2010 at the First Annual World Fair Use Day in Washington, DC. I will be going over our community’s work and our projects that fall under, and enhance, fair use principles. I couldn’t be more … Continue reading

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Update: Graf Paper, A Coloring Book For Graf Artists.

In 2007 I released a coloring book for graffiti artists. Since that time, many, many graf artists have printed it, extended and enhanced the drawings, and dropped the results in their sketchbooks. Some have shared the results online in a … Continue reading

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Photosynth of NDSU’s Minard Hall Collapse.

Photosynth is a “Photo Tourism” application that lets you seamlessly navigate all 728 high resolution images I took of the Minard Hall collapse. Requires Microsoft Silverlight, sorry. Don’t miss the “Collapse of Minard Hall” post below, featuring enormous high-res panoramas … Continue reading

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Videos of NDSU’s Minard Hall Excavation And Collapse.

Before: After:

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DIY Book Scanner Graces Instructables Top Ten Most Viewed. has announced their “Best of 2009” winners and the DIY Book Scanner Instructable was in the top ten in the category “Most Viewed”.

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The Collapse of Minard Hall at NDSU.

Recent construction-related excavation work on Minard Hall caused the North face of the building to collapse, exposing faculty offices and engineering incompetence in one fell swoop. Minard Hall (formerly Science Hall) has a concrete foundation which rests on a bed … Continue reading

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A Future Picture Tutorial, Parts 1 and 2.

Matti and I just published two tutorials on Instructables. . The first introduces the field of Computational Photography, and motivates the project. The second shows you how to simulate our Large Light Field Camera Array with a single camera Enjoi.

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Wired Article on DIY Book Scanner Project.

Priya Ganapati wrote an article about the DIY Book Scanner project on Wired Gadget Lab, a column dedicated to emerging technologies. I’m particularly pleased to see this quote from Pam Samuelson, who I had the pleasure of meeting at D … Continue reading

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FuturePicture: The Large Light Field Camera Array, Part 1.

I’m posting this both to and — future posts will not be double-posted in this manner. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed over at Futurepicture, there’s much more in store. This is, in fact, just a … Continue reading

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On Willpower And The Will To Power.

mdn has made hundreds of very insightful comments on Metafilter, often in unexpected places. This comment, in particular, caught my attention: You cannot will cancer to be cured. Willpower is basically the word we use for the ability to control … Continue reading

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Large divides, small fixes.

I was quite pleased to see this wonderful article from Los futuros del libro, a Spanish-language blog dedicated to the future of the book, which puts the DIY Book Scanner effort into a global context. I wonder if the real … Continue reading

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So, Engadget held a contest to win a Kindle 2. The idea was to make artwork for the back that was totally amazing. I won the contest. I also decided to make my design public domain. So if you want … Continue reading

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Cameras and photographic image-making thread through just about everything I do, and at this point it’s safe to say it’s grown into an all-consuming obsession. An obsession with great aesthetic surplus, and one that has led to some great things, … Continue reading

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One-Hundred Twenty Volts at 60HZ, Three Capacitors, and One Rotron.

Ben has a beautiful mind, finely focused on electromechanical devices that move air. His fascination borders on obsession, but never fails to charm. We disassembled, wired, and tested a Rotron high-output fan assembly for exhausting the fumes of my laser … Continue reading

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Tis the Sleazin’

As Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, so Christmas has officially begun with Black Friday. I have been looking for a nice Advent Calendar with a manufacturer coupon on each date. But all I can find are ones with Bible verses … Continue reading

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