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Bolt Cutters Don’t Come in Pink

But these Valentine’s Day cards do: Happy Valentine’s Day from the Fakeproject Corporation of America.

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De-Apple-tize Your USB Phone Charger.

So I bought a couple of these cheap, cheerful chargers from Meritline. The tagline says “Black Mini USB Car Charger for iPod Nano/Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and Other USB Powered Products. One might assume that a USB charger is a USB … Continue reading

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Young Hackers At Work.

Beth and Will, taking apart a Pentium-class IBM Thinkpad: Yes.

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Fix Your DSO Nano 2

This is my friend Scott’s DSO Nano 2, a pocket oscilloscope manufactured by Seeed Studio. It’s a neat little thing, but has a mess of flaws. The probes that come with this pocket ‘scope use 3.5mm headphone plugs and jacks. … Continue reading

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Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout

I love the Casio EX-FH100. I hate proprietary bullshit. It’s tremendously aggravating when a manufacturer arbitrarily makes up a new connector — especially when we have perfectly good standard connectors already. Proprietary bullshit stokes my rebel spirit, makes me fighty, … Continue reading

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Some New Approaches to Book Scanning

The amount of innovation and new idea generation going on over at is just phenomenal, and we’re really starting to see some great development efforts, too. After a recent meetup with mathemechanical maker-genius Rob, I became a little obsessed … Continue reading

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I Got A New Teapot, And It Sounds Like This:

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Ben built the circuit he is holding: UPDATE: You know, my birthday is the first of January, when New Years’ celebrations are going on. I like to imagine that everyone is just celebrating for me. And in the same spirit, … Continue reading

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