Bernina 1130 User Manual and Service Manual [PDF]

These manuals are hard to find on the Internet. I found them.


Bernina 1130 User Manual/Guide. PDF, 59 pages.

Bernina 1130/1120 Service Manual. PDF, 73 pages.

Keywords: Bernina 1130 User Manual. Bernina 1130 Repair. Bernina Oiling Guide. How to thread Bernina 1130. How to wind bobbin. How to lift presser foot. 1130 hook alignment.

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69 Responses to Bernina 1130 User Manual and Service Manual [PDF]

  1. Dave says:

    THANK YOU! You’re a winner

  2. Another Dave (we Dave's are grateful) says:

    Many thanks Daniel. Just what I’ve been looking for. Very kind of you to post this.

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much! My 1130 is still a champ that I will leave as an heirloom, and I want the person who gets it to have a manual!

  4. danreetz says:

    Awesome. I plan on keeping mine going forever-it was a gift from my mom.

  5. Barry says:

    Hi, I note that the first few pages are corrupt. Do you have a corrected copy? Thanks. Nice work.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing this information. The user’s manual in the first link has an issue, the third page doesn’t finish loading. I’ve tried several times so I am guessing it is in the download. Can you clarify?

    Thank you again,

  7. Don says:

    Thank you for these manuals. Can you tell me if you can check the number of hours used on the 1130’s?

  8. Alicia Shamblin says:

    You saved me this morning. I am trying to finish a project & really needed the manual that I can’t locate. Thank you very much.

  9. Bernie says:

    You seem incredibly resourceful! Do you by chance have the berninas 1530 user and service manuals? Thanks either way!

  10. wendy says:

    Thank Daniel. My mum gifted me the 1130 machine 24 years ago. I misplaced manual and well I will really enjoy some competent use with the guidance of this manual.

  11. Kirsten says:

    Thanks sooo much! I have a 1630, and have been unable to find a service manual for it. This manual is helpful since they are the same body, However it doesn’t sayhow to open the foot pedal to check the wiring there…..Can you tell me how this is done? Looks like screw covers at the pivot point, but I can’t get them off….

  12. Mike says:

    Daniel: Thank you for providing these manuals as a free service to the community. I had a problem with the User Manual, though; pages 1-13 are un-readable or corrupted. Any solution? Thanks!

  13. Joyce C. says:

    Pages 3-9 of 1130/1120 Users Manual still do not download. Tried two different pdf sources, both with same results. Someone advised that the Bernina 1260 was very similar, but with an additional control selection, so might be able to use all or part of the 1260 manual, which is still available directly from the Bernina web site.

  14. R H Mewbourn says:

    Cannot download 1130 User Manual…messages says wrong file format…can you help?

  15. Deana Hudson says:

    Thank you so much for posting these, just what I needed!!

  16. Zwer says:

    my brand is Bernida 1230…and its very related
    thank you so much!

  17. Fiona Ryan says:

    Thank you very much !

  18. Stephanie says:

    A big Thank You!

  19. Ellen Allen says:

    I have a 1130 that is stuck in reverse. Do you have any ideas what would cause that?

  20. Ellen Allen says:

    I have a 1130 that is stuck in reverse. Do you have any idea what would cause this?

  21. Ian Jeffcott says:

    Hi do you have the service manual for the bernina 1530?

  22. Dianne says:

    thank you for posting these….

  23. My bernia 1130 s is stuck in reverse. What can I do. Also how can I get a nother manual.

  24. My bernia 1130s is stuck in reverse what can I do. And how can I can another sewing manual.

  25. Penny Kehus says:

    I’m trying to use my Daughter in law’s Bernina 1130 which she inherited from her mother. I would love to read the user’s manual. I downloaded it, but what came through is the service manual. I’ve tried several times, and cannot download the user manual. (Even though I’m picking the user manual). Do you have any suggestions?

  26. Hi, I inherited the 1130 S Bernina and everything was going OK until now…’s stuck in reverse and I have no manual.
    I appreciate any help and a manual to copy.


  27. B M says:

    I would like to know if it was possible to get the Bernina 1630 service manual. The led light of the roller ball has fused and I want to know how to replace it. Without the led light one cannot use the roller ball to go sideways- which makes it impossible to sew.

    Thanks, B

  28. KC NEWMAN says:

    I see that others have had the same issue as I’m having … the manual doesn’t download properly, and the .pdf can’t be viewed. Does anyone have a 1130 manual they could post? Thank you SO much!!!

  29. I do like the way you have presented this concern plus it does supply me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. On the other hand, through everything that I have observed, I only wish when the feed-back pile on that people remain on point and not get started upon a tirade of some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this excellent point and even though I do not really go along with the idea in totality, I respect the perspective.

  30. Lottie Moser says:

    I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful info Thanks!

  31. I have just received a Bernina 1130, but it has no manual. Please tell me how I might obtain a guide. I’m afraid to play with it until I learn more about it. This one has many feet and other play pretties. I bought a flower stitch attachment last year and it fit this Bernina. I had searched for a machine that I could use this foot with. 1031 fits that bill and many others as well.

  32. Ken says:

    My wife passed away and a daughter is trying to use her 1130s but needs a manual . I am unable to download from Dan Reetz site. Can someone send a PDF to

  33. Dorothy says:

    Everyone loves it when people come together and share views.Great website, stick with it!

  34. I was excited to find this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this particulzrly wonderful read!!I definitely savored every bit of it and i also have you bookmarked to check out new things in your web site

  35. Ryan Boares says:

    A round of applause for your blog.Much thanks again

  36. Jim says:

    Brenina 1130 I downloaded the service manual AND the User manual. The service manual works perfectly but the User manual does not. Acrobat Reader displays only the first 2 pages before giving me an error message. I deleted my downloaded file and re-downloaded two other times with the same results each time. Can I get a fresh copy of this file? Thanks.

  37. Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic

  38. Tina Estrada says:


    Thank you for posting this, however, I am not able to load it. I get the following message
    Couldn’t open PDF
    Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.
    Go back to the last page

    Would you please re-load it? Thank you!

  39. Paula Rothman says:


    I’m having the same difficulty with not being able to load it. Please reload, thank you.

  40. Beth Parsons says:

    My 1130 has stopped running. All the lights come on but the needle doesn’t go up and down. I don’t have much money to fix it so I was looking for a manual but the one attached is blank when I open it. Any suggestions. Thanks for any help. Beth

  41. Marcia says:

    Still trying to get Bernina 1530S out of reverse, any help would be appreciated. Pls do not list my name in full.

  42. Rowland says:

    For those having difficulty opening the User Manual –
    First, yes there is some corruption starting page 3, however the bulk of the manual is there and readable.
    If your PDF reader fails to load the manual (due to corruption) it’s a matter of downloading another PDF reader – there are plenty free downloads and trying again until you find one that works (most folk probably use Adobe Acrobat) In my case I downloaded this to my android phone and was able to open it instantly (page3 still corrupted + a few blank following pages but bulk of manual fine)
    Hope this helps as appears to be a widespread issue

  43. Lexie Bakewell says:

    Your Bernina 1130 manual is a God send, however page 6 is mostly wiped out. Any chance you can fix it?


    hi there was trying to find a 1230 bernina service manual to down load do you know where I can get hold of one, trying to fix a problem with my bobbin thread not catching after I ran over a pin. cheers Petrina.


    sorry the manuals you have do the 1230 so just downloaded that, thanks for the help.

  46. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for posting! I just purchased a Bernina 1130 and was worried when it didn’t come with a manual. Now I have both to refer to! Many many thanks!

  47. Diane Green says:

    I couldn’t get the manual to download. Would you send me a copy to my email below

    I’ve just bought a 2nd hand sewing machine Bernina 1130. I pick it up on Wednesday.

    Many thanks

  48. asoka leelarathne says:

    Thanks for providing these data

  49. Amy says:

    Can you send booklet on 1130 Bernina sewing machine

  50. Lennart Andersson says:

    My Bernina 1130 are only going back, not forwards. I have tryed every bottom. What to do ??

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