Public Domain Images of the Portable Book Scanner

Several people have contacted me looking for some images of my new scanner — here are a few. I relinquish any copy rights to these images; they are in the public domain now. If you feel like being really nice, credit me when you use them.

High res, print-ready copies here:

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9 Responses to Public Domain Images of the Portable Book Scanner

  1. judith feist says:

    i showed my mom the video you made and she damn near had a heart attack she was so excited. then i gave her my laptop and she spent an hour looking through your page and when she finished she said,”judith, this young man is VERY bright. i hope he goes far in life.”
    to say the least she loves your site. as do i (:

    i hope you’re well, dan.

  2. Женя says:

    The mini scanner looks neat! Still has some of the spooky character of its predecessors, but is definitely cuter. Any problems getting it on the plane? Did you have to assemble it for the security people?:) Are the black lines along the perimeter from the laser cutter, or did you trace those?
    Как всегда – молоток!

  3. Wetdryvac says:

    This seriously kicks the crap out of my white-box system. I see you’ve made the images public domain – do you have any objection to my building a derivative work (scanner similar to this) from your design?

  4. danreetz says:

    hey wetdryvac, the idea is that everyone makes their own, so go ahead. i suggest you join the 150 or so people trying to do the same thing over at 😉

    j, }|{, your confidence means so much to me. thanks.

  5. simon says:

    This is just FANTASTIC – I love it. Now if the kids would stop bothering me I can build one of these!!!

    Vintage Knitting Patterns

  6. mark says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’m a volunteer for a non-profit and we have one rare book that we would like to digitize for our archives and research projects. Your device is perfect for this work. Are you or any of your contacts or colleagues offering this service commercially, or even as a favor, so that we can make a perfect digital copy? Please email me.

  7. danreetz says:


    Please make an account at and ask there — I can’t do it for you simply because I’m totally overloaded with grad work and diybookscanner advocacy.

    There are commercial scanning services, but you have to send them the book. Consider building your own scanner to digitize the book, and then sell your scanner when you’ve finished. You’ll probably make a profit.

  8. mark says:

    Thanks for the advice Dan, much appreciated.

  9. Scott W Raether says:

    I love that portable scanner box. I would like someone to build one for me as I have great need for it. I’m getting tire of not able to hold on to library books very long as it take time to research and then had to return the book and sometimes not able to get them again or renew loan. Is there way I can get portable scanner box plan to build portable scanner or to have someone to build one for me. I live in Bloomer, Wisconsin. Plan to travel all over Wisconsin cities near future and could use the portable scanner that can scan many old books for researches.

    Been looking through DIY Book scanner website it great but so much information to take in. Will look through again and again.


    Scott W Raether

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