D is for Digitize Details.

The program is finally public: You can see me on the “C is for Culture” panel at 2:30 PM on Friday, October 9th at NYLS in NYC. I’ll be talking about “The Why in DIY”, in other words, motivations to build your own scanner and scan your own books, each motivation with a real-life example that’s come out of the diybookscanner.org community.

I’d love to see you there.

Edit: Thank you, BB, for the correction.

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  1. jessamyn says:

    Am totally going to tell a bunch of rural librarians about this project in Elko Nevada this week. DIY website looks nice. Yay sexy robot.

  2. danreetz says:

    Awesome! Thanks for doing that, and thanks for dropping by. After the conference, I’ll have my new scanner online. The idea with the new one is not to make it from trash, but rather to laser-cut the thing. It’s folding, and is sized for carry-on luggage (testing that in… 5 hours). Picture of the latest scanner here:


    I haven’t forgotten to say hi to James for you — tomorrow.

  3. danreetz says:

    Huge image here.

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