D is for Digitize

Quick notice with more to follow: I’ll be speaking in New York at the NYLS conference “D is for Digitize”.

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7 Responses to D is for Digitize

  1. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    good conference name people 😉

  2. Jimmie Fix says:

    Well god damn. Nice work brother.

  3. Женя says:

    Awesome! New York!
    Gotta say, you got the best mug shot in that lineup.

  4. judith feist says:

    i enjoy your photo… (:
    smirky smirk smirk.

  5. danreetz says:

    It is *so* smirky. Thanks for the support, guys. Wish you could be there.

  6. C says:

    nice job. congrats.

  7. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    you are the smirkyest.
    but robin sloan is giving you some competition

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