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It is primarily intended for people looking for a quick overview of my work.

First, a selection of the work I did on virtual environments. Probably most
important is my demo reel, which was last updated at the end of 2006 --
when my work on virtual environments concluded.


Recently, I modeled a large strip of Broadway in Fargo, some thumbnails below.



My most recent artwork is all digital. The basic idea is to exploit our
expectations of photographic images -- that they are real, that they
represent history accurately, that they have veracity. The following
images, which were displayed in the Plains Art Museum in 2007,
show a catastrophe in the museum that never happened.
They are composites of 3D models, photographs, and US DOD imagery.

Also, I "destroyed" a friends house.




Another recent digital work is "You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living".
It is a digital book and album, offered for free online. It takes the tone of
cold war US Government pamphlets and twists it into a criticism of modern life.


Still more work explores the specific properties of digital sensors. A recent work involves "strip photography" across the Bayer CFA of my Nikon D200. The resulting raw image is interpolated in post (using MATLAB and Processing).


My background is in Sculpture, and it was there that I investigated interactive works and modified electronics.

Some of my earliest work is still my favorite. A bronze "broken" phone handset had a modified cellular receiver installed in it, and broadcast cellular conversations through the speaker:


A somewhat less-threatening work, which is a Playskool radio modified to function as a police scanner:

My senior show, involving Faraday cages, the PATRIOT act, and handmade uniforms...

Finally, the culmination of all this has me investing significant time in hardware prototyping -- developing parts for new kinds of cameras, systems, etc. I've taught myself to mill and lathe, and a CNC mill is in the works.

The mill and the CNC driver/power supply board.