A Short Story Courtesy MK and DR.

Dan’s day:
06:00 :Wake up.

Go to check my email.

Curse Qwest for their obnoxious antics. The anger subsides; I feel myself getting desperate.

06:15 : Digging through boxes. I know I have this shit somewhere, I just need to keep looking. Keep finding other shit I’ll need later. Thought to self: I need to organize this shit. Thought interrupted by retrieval of desired components.

06:20 : Banged my faking thumb again.

06:30 :Stringing this much cable sucks. I’m climbing on my roof. I pause to reflect on the direction this day has taken me, smirk and climb higher.

06:35 :As I finish tweaking the signal, I finally get some internet. I heave a retired sigh.

06:40 : Furiously responding to email.

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See Me In DC Re: DIY Book Scanner Community

The good people at Public Knowledge have asked me to appear in a panel discussion in Washington, DC as a part of World Fair Use Day. The venue is TBA, but the date is set: January 12th. I’ll be talking about the work of the DIY Book Scanner community as a whole.

Hope to see you there.

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первое живое существо, выведенное на орбиту Земли.


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Public Domain Images of the Portable Book Scanner

Several people have contacted me looking for some images of my new scanner — here are a few. I relinquish any copy rights to these images; they are in the public domain now. If you feel like being really nice, credit me when you use them.

High res, print-ready copies here:

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D is for Digitize Details.

The program is finally public: You can see me on the “C is for Culture” panel at 2:30 PM on Friday, October 9th at NYLS in NYC. I’ll be talking about “The Why in DIY”, in other words, motivations to build your own scanner and scan your own books, each motivation with a real-life example that’s come out of the diybookscanner.org community.

I’d love to see you there.

Edit: Thank you, BB, for the correction.

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The Clinching Proof Of My Reasoning Is That I Will Cut Anyone Who Argues Further Into Dogmeat.

-Sir Geoffrey De Tourneville

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Ask And Ye Shall Repent

Some people commented that they’d like to see the award-winning “Through The Virtual Cell” animation.

The trailer is now on IMDB, which features a new soundtrack distinct from the one used in the film. I am responsible for the sound. Christina Johnson is responsible for the visuals/animation/voiceover. We are all responsible for kicking ass.

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D is for Digitize

Quick notice with more to follow: I’ll be speaking in New York at the NYLS conference “D is for Digitize”.

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I won an Amazon Kindle!

The story is here at Engadget.

Thank you for your support!

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Art Of Sound Contest Winners.

Recently, I had the honor of judging some of the incredible projects submitted to Instructables Art Of Sound contest. The competition was fierce and the projects great.

I’m quite pleased to inform you that the winners have been announced. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

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Free Entry To A Place No One Goes

Just noticed I’m on Art Fag City with a contribution to Peter Coffin’s project on getting into museums for free. That’s the second bit of collaboration I’ve had that’s graced the Suburban Gallery.

Being a toilet-cleaner there was clearly worth it. Being a curatorial assistant wasn’t bad, either.

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Vote For Daniel Reetz!

Engadget is giving away some Amazon Kindle ebook readers. Please vote for me! I’m #2 (Assembly).

UPDATE: To thank everyone for their votes, I have released this artwork into the public domain. It is now free to use for anything by anyone.



I worked pretty hard on my contest entry. First, I made a 3D model of the Kindle:

From the model, I created this illustration, which will be lasered on a Kindle, should I win.

Currently, I’m #1.

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Käfer, no more.

My Dad and I labored long and hard to restore my Type 1. We tore the thing down to bolts and built it back up again. I’ve been holding on to it for years because I still love it, and because I’ve always wanted to drive it again. Unfortunately, times are tough, and I have to part with my beloved bug. Goodbye, old friend.

Ad is here.

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We Need More Water

Disastrous use of Photoshop. Truck stop. Fargo, ND.

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Die Die Die.

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You’re Paying.

“If you sell networks, you also, intrinsically, sell the capability to intercept any communication that runs over them”

Edit that: “to intercept and edit any communication”

Nothing new to see here, but nice to hear it from the mouths of marketers.

Via janchip.

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In January 2009, I made a cheap, simple book scanner and in April I put the complete plans online. Since then, not only did I land a laser cutter from Epilog, but better still, a number of people have built their own scanners and made incredible improvements.

Though Instructables has been very kind to me, it was time to lay the foundation of a new community dedicated to building book scanners and book scanning software. To that end, I created DIYBOOKSCANNER.ORG.

Another scanner builder, Rob, is helping moderate the community and maintain the software. We’re still working on things behind the curtains, but I urge you to come join us and help work toward the future of books.

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No, They Don’t Work.

Some questions stick in your mind but are rather difficult to answer, just because the opportunity to test them must arise naturally and does not happen often. In this case, I simply wondered if those stupid magnetic key lockers were worth a damn. Answer below:

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How To Hotwire A Payphone Part The First

I used to be very interested in telecommunications equipment. In particular, payphones. Often while playing around with them, I wondered if there was a way to reliably determine which piece of conduit contained the actual twisted pair. It turns out that in the case of payphones with lighted signs above them, it’s as simple as looking for the conduit which continues up, even if it takes a break at the payphone enclosure level.

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Big Pictures.

Back in April, I helped with the evacuation of the Valley City State University Library basement. It was startling to see the sheer volume of books that we ended up moving.

This is one of the many panoramas I captured in between cartfloads of books.

Also, the blog has been widened to accommodate slightly larger images.

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