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Finished: Studio

Graduate studies meant sacrificing hobbies. Having just released an album, I felt I could take a break from music. Had to be one of the least fulfilling decisions I ever made. Music is alive and well and I’m in the … Continue reading

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Finishing MiniDisc

At 14, I bought a microcassette recorder to record touch and signalling tones. Turned out to be a lot more amusing to record my adventures with Doz (we called him Brando, then). We made so many tapes. Miles of songs, … Continue reading

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Get Your Data from Google Reader

This will only be relevant for the next two days, but has a toolset and information to fully extract content from Google Reader. This may be the most powerful tool available to end users. Archive Team is trying to … Continue reading

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Laser Pointer Tripod Mount, Arca-Swiss Compatible.

I’m really having fun inventing new objects with my 3D printer. Much more on this shortly.

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Jeff Nielson’s DIY Book Scanner Presentation

Great work here – I’m really excited to see his software comparison matrix.

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Brother HL2270DW Toner Cartridge Reset Procedure

Have a Brother HL2270DW laser printer. Great printer, except that the starter cartridge lasted a measly 210 pages. First, I tried this. Which didn’t work. Then I ordered these inexpensive replacement cartridges from Amazon. Wish me luck. Then I found … Continue reading

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Hakko 936 Fix

I have a Hakko 936 soldering iron. The base unit is factory original, however the pencil is from eBay. As it turns out, the pencil is either a factory reject, or it is a counterfeit.The knurled section on the bottom … Continue reading

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The Lockpicking Possibilities Intrinsic in Hard-Wear Plastics

Night is rarely so revealing as with light.    The total combination space of a new lock is huge – orders of magnitude, exponents. Log scales. Billion combinations. But a code never changed wears itself in. Specular reflection will buy … Continue reading

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Things That Won’t Exist For Long

  Opened up a television today and found this “User Manual”. I was surprised at the sheer number of languages represented. In an age of smartphones, there should be a single block of digital data in the middle that auto-translates … Continue reading

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Twenty Twelve; Thirty One.

2012 is, roughly speaking, over. It was equal parts sunset and surprise. I learned about wishing. About wanting. About flying high.  Crashing hard, Burning mistakes. About the meaning of preparedness; about always being ready.  About homecoming. But I couldn’t expect … Continue reading

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Brown Colored Glasses

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Every year, I Draw A Skull On My Face With Eyeliner Pencil

This year, I got to draw on someone else, too. 2012: 2010: 2009: 2008: 2007: 2006:

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Color Constancy

I’m setting up a workstation for some new electro-optical projects. There’s no question in my mind that inspiring workspaces make better work. Most of my workspaces have been haphazard and unorganized, primarily because they were set up in a damned … Continue reading

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Making a case for this…

I’ve been sewing since I was a little kid. I learned on this machine, the Bernina 1130. My mom gave it to me when I moved away from the Dakotas. She gave me a lot of nice tools, including pretty … Continue reading

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DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available

Last October, in NYC, I announced a new DIY Book Scanner kit (the “Hackerspace Scanner”). Today, after dozens of revisions, hundreds of hours of work, and thousands of great ideas from the community, the first eight kits are ready for … Continue reading

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On Projects

Projects don’t exist until you’ve bled on them.   It’s spiritually akin to breaking a bottle of booze on the bow of a ship.

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From The Archives: Night Lights.

I’ve lived a lot of places. Each had something, special. 12 1/2 North Roberts Street, Fargo, ND 58102 – that place had such night lights. Shadow projectors. I loved nodding off to those sodium sources. You can see the bike … Continue reading

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From The Archives: 737, The Corporation

I am a self-taught 3D modeler, and used to develop game models professionally. Perhaps the greatest skill of a game modeler at that time was to make a low-polygon model with sensible geometry. The lower the poly and texture count, … Continue reading

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From The Archives: Progress.

The cans say “PROGRESS”. After my time in Russia (and Nicaragua) the smell of burning trash has a special place in my mind. I took this picture on a trip to the dacha with Jochen and Sveta. We spent quite … Continue reading

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From The Archives: Antenna Research

Bryan Thoendel and I met in Art School and had a hell of an inspirational friendship. We never, ever stopped talking about art ideas and occasionally explored different media together. In this case, we had a broken webcam (which had … Continue reading

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