New project – dancing mic stand for Justin Timberlake

I left Apple last year to start my own prototyping business. I knew I’d find interesting work, but I didn’t know how interesting.

As Vice Chief, I designed and built the dancing mic stand that Justin Timberlake used in his Superbowl performance . The whole thing was a collaboration with choreographer Marty Kudelka, who came up with the original idea.  The public reception has been great — I even got a shoutout in my home town news.


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And after that, I engineered and built a 2.0 version of the dancing mic stand for his Man Of The Woods worldwide tour. It debuted this evening in Toronto – and how!

Of course, the mic stand is only part of the show – I have to give props to JT’s crew, Fireplay, All Access, and TAIT for all they did to make this possible. And of course, all respect to JT for absolutely owning the performance.


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