Two Thousand Thirteen Seconds B-Sides and Rarities

Consider this my 2013 photo essay; it started as an experiment in taking a one-second video every day and ended up a pretty and personal thing. I only removed work-related videos; there are pieces of around 460 videos in this compilation. Everything is shown roughly in order from January to December. The music is mine and it’s unfinished demo material.

Special thanks to Dana, Eric, Matti, Scann, Stan, Jillian, Greg, Testa, Dolce, Tox, Pehr, and all those unmentioned.

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8 Responses to Two Thousand Thirteen Seconds B-Sides and Rarities

  1. Biche says:

    Wonderful. Miss you deeply my friend.

  2. TOX says:

    I had to pause it so many times! Glad to have been there for some cameos.

  3. sister says:

    tacos and love…oh and some wires 🙂

  4. goamick says:

    Merry New Year Dan, looks like the creativity/life rolled big and rolled on in 2013.

  5. kyle foley says:

    hi daniel, I figure this would be the best way to get a message to you quickly. i’m having trouble with the DIY. I’m having trouble loading the software on the sdm card. i’ve loaded it on there but when i lock the card the camera won’t word. when i unlock it it will work. i’ve had a bookscanner for about two years and it’s worked fine but every time i move, it’s a struggle to get it to work again. it was working but not any more. at this website

    that video that you’ve posted is no longer available. i need to see that video again.

  6. She said ‘yes’, Daniel-son.
    Mr. Miyagi very proud of both of you.
    Congratulations to all involved.
    Let me know if the Devil ever comes down to Georgia.
    ‘Cause ya’ll can chill at our house for a while,
    And burn your fingers on our ###### ####### soldering irons.

  7. Judith says:

    !!!!!-This absolutely deserves five exclamation marks! (:<—-now six.

  8. Tune says:

    Dan, y re great) all these videos made like a cool movie remind y – a quiet nice combination of different things mixed in a one but really worthy)

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