Sewing Kit

I made a sewing kit for Dana, who is on the road with JT. It’s a 3D printed, laser cut box with a wide assortment of garment repair and management stuff jammed inside.
2013-10-19 16.46.16

Here, it is pictured with the lid and topmost components removed. 2013-10-19 16.49.01

Here you can see the full contents, which I will come back and detail someday. I’m particularly proud of the thread spools. I printed tiny caps for them that converted them into storage containers for pins, bra-clips, seam rippers, buttons, etc.
2013-10-19 16.52.44

You may notice a lack of scissors. A scissors was unnecessary because Dana already has one in her Leatherman Wave.

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5 Responses to Sewing Kit

  1. Shane Reetz says:

    This is a great idea, and using the inner part of the thread spool for storage is ultra-slick. Are the caps just a little thicker on the outer edge so that they friction-seal?

  2. Biche says:


  3. sister says:

    You always amaze me… Pretty cool bro.

  4. judith caroline says:

    Oh, Dan. (:

  5. This. Is. Beautiful.

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