Pebble Wide Watch Strap

I hated the slippery, hot silicone band that came with my Pebble watch, so I made a new one out of some beautiful blue leather.

2013-09-15 00.12.10 2013-09-15 00.13.32

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6 Responses to Pebble Wide Watch Strap

  1. Biche says:

    For your edges, I’d say get some of this stuff.
    It seals the edges, much the way a hem would.

  2. Biche says:

    Also we used a soldering iron to melt the nylon threads down, so they wouldn’t slip out.

  3. sister says:

    Very nice. Very Dan.

  4. Brian says:

    Very nice.

    Would you be so kind to tell me what keyboard is it over there?

  5. mihado says:

    Sorry. But this is too ugly dude

  6. Z5000 says:

    It’s not ugly. I totally dig it.

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