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Stairway to Hell

On a date with Dana, I found a bomber boarding ladder. LA is a strange place – strange and wonderful.

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Finished: Studio

Graduate studies meant sacrificing hobbies. Having just released an album, I felt I could take a break from music. Had to be one of the least fulfilling decisions I ever made. Music is alive and well and I’m in the … Continue reading

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Finishing MiniDisc

At 14, I bought a microcassette recorder to record touch and signalling tones. Turned out to be a lot more amusing to record my adventures with Doz (we called him Brando, then). We made so many tapes. Miles of songs, … Continue reading

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Event Detection Using Phone Orientation

There was an attempted suicide at ComiCon today. From the comments: I only looked up and saw it because there were a bunch of people pointing their phones at the sky. It made me realize that you could detect interesting … Continue reading

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