Get Your Data from Google Reader

This will only be relevant for the next two days, but has a toolset and information to fully extract content from Google Reader. This may be the most powerful tool available to end users. Archive Team is trying to archive everything for everyone, but they don’t give me a copy of my stuff. In fact, their tool deletes the data from your local machine after upload. Bizarre and bothersome. I’m sure they were resource constrained when building their tool, but if it just printed out copies of my starred items, I’d have run it forever, and loved them forever.

I am interested in seeing if the Persistent toolset collects more than text. I have the tool running now and it is downloading huge amounts of data from my more than 1,000,000 read items and over 15,000 starred items.

Goodbye, Google Reader. Google, I will never forget. To hell with G+. You get a G-.

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2 Responses to Get Your Data from Google Reader

  1. biche says:

    i had forgotten this was happening. and have been neglecting my RSS. I have lost all my stuff. .. fresh start i guess. now excepting blog recommendations.

  2. Jeff B says:

    @biche: You can still get your feeds from Google Takeout until the 15th.

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