Making a case for this…


I’ve been sewing since I was a little kid. I learned on this machine, the Bernina 1130. My mom gave it to me when I moved away from the Dakotas. She gave me a lot of nice tools, including pretty much everything you see in this picture.


She also gave me the skills to make objects like this. It’s a simple thing, but a perfect thing. It’s a slip case for the device that I’m posting from. Rather excited about the whole thing.

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2 Responses to Making a case for this…

  1. Cec Reetz says:

    Beautiful Dan!

  2. Sillywizard says:

    I just bought this same model for my daughter. It’s her first Bernina, and her second sewing machine (her first being a Husqvarna Viking Prelude 350). She is becoming a fashion designer and sews mainly garments. I hope the electronics in this model hold up a good while longer, she will be taking it with her back to Paris to finish her last year of school.
    Thank you so ever much for posting the service and instruction manuals! That is how I found my way to this site.
    …Do you think this Bernina may lead to a position at Apple?

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