DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available

Last October, in NYC, I announced a new DIY Book Scanner kit (the “Hackerspace Scanner”).

Today, after dozens of revisions, hundreds of hours of work, and thousands of great ideas from the community, the first eight kits are ready for purchase.

Pick one up at – price includes domestic shipping.

If you order in the next 24 hours, I will ship tomorrow (Monday, June 4th). Otherwise, your order will ship on Saturday, June 9th.

This is a beta run. If you are interested, I encourage you to buy one now. These first 8 scanners will get extra personal support from me to make sure you get comfortably past the construction stage.

This is Open Hardware.

Here are the design files used to make this scanner.

Currently, I can only ship within the domestic USA, but anywhere in the USA is fine. I am working on solutions for people outside the USA. I take international customers seriously.

The price, including shipping:

The specific wood that the parts will be cut from.
18mm CARB-compliant Baltic Birch. This is the best Baltic Birch available in SoCal.

I am including everything except glass, paint, and cameras. That means you’ll get every screw, bearing, bolt, and even a wired-up LED light for your rig. You’ll have to paint the wood, decide on a camera, and buy the glass locally (it just doesn’t ship well).

I will be gone between Tuesday June 4th until Saturday June 9th. After I return, there will be about a week where I tool up to do large runs of scanners.

Here you go, people who want kits! I have kits available NOW. And I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Please ask any questions about the kits here.

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22 Responses to DIY Book Scanner Kits Now Available

  1. Bob Kelley says:

    Thanks, Daniel, for all your hard work and your generosity. Men like you are what made this country great! In fact, my old limited edition of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, which has a very small typeset, is what prompted my interest in building a book scanner. I have read most all of the blogs that date back years and have built a platen from the ideas therein. NOW, you have made it even better and available to the public. Please let me know when the next batch is ready to ship!
    Benjamin Franklin believed in “Open Source” when, in 1742, he invented the first open stove, the “Pennsylvania Fireplace”. He declined the offer of a patent “from a principle which has ever weighed with me (Franklin) on such occasions, viz., That, as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.” Regretably, “an ironmonger in London … assuming a.
    good deal of my pamphlet, and working it up into his own, which rather hurt its operation, got a patent for it there, and made, as I was told, a little fortune by it.” (from The Life Of Benjamin Franklin, Written By Himself.)

  2. kalyan says:

    Is it possible to get this kit in India. If so, how much will be total cost including shipping?

  3. danreetz says:

    Hi Kalyan, please email me danreetz at gmail , thanks

  4. Veli-Matti Vuorensyrja says:

    Hey, really nice book scanner! I would be interested in buying it, but I managed it how? when I live in Finland.

    That’s the scanner could probably also make aluminum, have you thought about that?

    But really, I’m really interested to buy this scanner!

    I’m sorry if the language is a bit bad, this is a google translation.

    Greetings, Veli-Matti

  5. Jacob says:

    Hi Ho, Been reading all your blogs for a ages now, have loved the youtube video demonstrating the scanner. So want to purchase one, even without the extra modifications you mention such as ability to scan sprial bound books. Have seen this web site offering your product in the EU, which will keep costs down once they accept credit card transactions, as purchasing from USA will incur a hefty charge from import duty. Do you know of this EU site ? Keep up the good work. Best wishes & kind regards, Jacob

  6. Fabricio says:

    Hi, do you shipping to Brazil? Please, say Yes! =)

  7. IVAN MENEZES says:


  8. danreetz says:

    There is open-source software available at – but I did not create it, I do not support it and it is not included in the kit.

  9. IVAN MENEZES says:


  10. Jemma says:

    Hi Dan,

    I Would really like to buy one of your DIY Book Scanner Kits, I live in UK, is this going to be problem?

  11. Wilson says:

    Hi, I want to buy one. Can you ship it to China? How much will cost to ship internationally?

  12. k-tab says:

    Hi, I want to buy one. Can you e-mail me plz on ( )
    plz need a replay

  13. Abdul Rahim says:

    Hello, I am contact you from Afghanistan, Kabul University. we want to buy four scanners. Can you ship it to Afghanistan, Kabul, door to door ? if so please tell me how much will cost per scanner include shipment?

    Best Regards,

    Abdul Rahim

  14. Jordi says:

    Hi Dan,

    What maximum book size can be scanned?

    Best Regards,


  15. danreetz says:

    Around 9×12″ is possible. In principle, you can do larger, but it is difficult.

  16. Dan Mahoney says:

    Hey Dan, any word when these kits will become available again?

    -Dan Mahoney

  17. Jason says:

    Would love to buy one of these. When will they be back in stock?

  18. Mark J Bickmann says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I have been looking at your book scanner on your different websites. I would like to tell you about my situation. I have a documented learning disability through the state of Michigan. Which is like severe dyslexia. They say I’m an audible learner. I have been looking for a book scanner all my life. I am a Carpenter and working on hire certification for being a locksmith. I had to have a background check and fingerprints taken before receiving any of these books which is understandable. These books are locksmithing and SafeTech books and cannot be compromised. so I can’t go to a book scanning company. I think I can make the cradle for the books myself. But where I run into a big problem is the cameras themselves and how they operate. Can you use any camera to do this? Because you’re mentioning about the Canon a590 with stereo data maker that cameras on Amazon is about $345 which is way out of my price range. Is there another camera I can use? I like your idea of your new book scanner made from CNC machines with the bicycle brake handle. But my locksmithing books are a little larger.How do I link the cameras together to have them take a picture at the same time? Are all cameras like this where they can be linked together. I really need your help.
    Thank you Mark J Bickmann

  19. Joseph Capasso says:

    I would like to purchase a kit – can you tell me when it will be available and how do I go about purchasing it?

    Joe Capasso

  20. Pratap says:

    Hi Danreetz,
    First, thanks for the good work you are doing. It will make life easier for all the books lovers around the world.
    I want to make such scanner by myself here in India, Pls tell me how can I go about it.
    I have access to CNC machines here.

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