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From The Archives: Night Lights.

I’ve lived a lot of places. Each had something, special. 12 1/2 North Roberts Street, Fargo, ND 58102 – that place had such night lights. Shadow projectors. I loved nodding off to those sodium sources. You can see the bike … Continue reading

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From The Archives: Containers.

And what they hold: Somewhere near Napoleon, ND, sometime in 2008.

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Joy is Sorrow, Unmasked

An unusually literary approach for an official at her level. Listen for the units of measurement, descriptions of scale and speed, references to YouTube, and modern web-language like “hacktivists”. Oh, and mudge.

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Home Switches for CRP4896

I’m outfitting my CRP4896 CNC router with home switches. The idea is to set up sensors such that the router can start from the same place every time, automatically. I’m using these sensors. They are compact, encapsulated Hall Effect … Continue reading

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From The Archives: 737, The Corporation

I am a self-taught 3D modeler, and used to develop game models professionally. Perhaps the greatest skill of a game modeler at that time was to make a low-polygon model with sensible geometry. The lower the poly and texture count, … Continue reading

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