From The Archives: Progress.

The cans say “PROGRESS”. After my time in Russia (and Nicaragua) the smell of burning trash has a special place in my mind. I took this picture on a trip to the dacha with Jochen and Sveta. We spent quite a few lovely afternoons at the dacha before Mitya burned it down.

Protva, Russia, Kalushskaya Oblast, 2006.

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  1. judith says:

    i miss you. i also hope you are well. i have something for you that i found at the downtown library’s bookstore (it’s all the books the library doesn’t want or can’t use). i saw it and instantly thought of you. if you are able to, please e-mail the address for your current location and i will send you a small parcel as quickly as i can.

    P.S. Everytime i see your brother i have to smile because it makes me think of you and i picture you two interacting with one another.

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