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One of the best things about my community is that it is just chock full of awesome people. One of the bad things about being the “DIY BOOK SCANNER guy” is that people always ask “DOES IT TURN PAGES?”. Well, … Continue reading

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Forgetting about Tasty and Healthy Food.

Cabinet Magazine, Issue 42 has images from one of my projects! They did a fantastic article on Soviet food and used images from here. Thanks, Cabinet. Have always loved your work. Also a huge thanks to Dima Solyanoy for introducing … Continue reading

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Wearable Computers.

Recently, Sara rekindled my interest in wear and tear, particularly how it manifests in consumer electronics. I have many great examples of wear, but none more profound than my Dell Precision M70. Few people know that Dell made high quality … Continue reading

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Just Before The Dawn.

More travel, less distance. More action, less acting. More gifts, fewer demands. Quitting awful, early. Moving on. Away from ulterior motives. Away from the lovesick, the neurotic, the conditional From attachments, abusers, and contracts. Toward risk Of my own choosing. … Continue reading

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Update from Ace Monster Toys.

Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been swamped. Al Jigen Billings has an awesome post talking about my latest work:

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