Singer Librascope, Glendale, California 2011

Southern California – infamous for entertainment, fake-faced hedonism, fast moving garbage. That fantastic apparition emerged from the carcass of the military-industrial complex. Near my workplace, a building had its facade ripped off – and inside was a king-hell war factory, a maker of computers and displays for missiles and submarines. Singer Librascope.

This company was, at some point, acquired by Lockheed Martin.

Looks a little sorry these days, sitting next to the place where straight-to-DVD movies are made.

A ramp on the side so you could drive a crane up top:

All that’s left now is paint.

Well, paint and a whole lot of memory – Librascope vets had the good sense to scan all their Librazettes and put pictures online. These things happened in that building.


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