DIYBooooooooooooooooKSCANNER at GooooooooooGle

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11 Responses to DIYBooooooooooooooooKSCANNER at GooooooooooGle

  1. Meg says:

    Fancy. Too bad the Q&A was cut off. How was it?

  2. danreetz says:

    Q&A was pretty much what I get everywhere – questions about webcams, camera types, cost, etc. Nothing you couldn’t get from any other talk.

    I did, however, meet a couple of brilliant people doing some interesting things, so all was well.

    Feel like I stumbled a lot in this talk. Was tired. 🙁

  3. Sue says:

    Yoooooooou did goooooooood.

  4. Noah says:

    Sounded like you were rushed, but still good.

    On the screen in back of you, are those people networked into the talk?

  5. samh says:

    Don’t worry yourself over whether you stumbled. I feel the message you were hoping to convey was done so successfully. And I feel you presented it logically given your audience. You hooked them with enough tech-talk to keep a room full of Google employees interested then landed them with the social importance of the technology.

  6. andy says:

    I am sooo proud of you and all the things you do! Sarah keeps me posted. I happened to think of you today and thought I would google you+google and I got the video on youtube. I watched it all, I think you did great! You were always into such technical and smart stuff as a kid. This doesn’t surprise me that you do such awesome things now! Miss you!

    Your oldest and best friend in the whole world!

  7. Dima says:
    Here an another idea of fast book scanning… Of cource it looks less realistic, but it’s a different look to the problem.

  8. Max IMBERT says:

    Great talk (although recording could be better ;). I’m very impressed with all your people story.

    I really feel like this is the most important part of building cool/useful projects : that other fellows can build upon them, to extends you could not even imagine. That’s the true power of Open Source.

    This definetly makes me want to built one when I’ll have some time.

    Keep DIYing Dan !

  9. michebobiche says:

    humans stumble. congratulations, dear. you’re human! 😛

  10. Ks says:

    Горжусь тобой! Продолжай двигаться дальше и все обязательно получится!
    Я так сильно скучаю!

  11. danreetz says:

    🙂 thanks k! Your support means a lot. Miss you so much.

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