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I’ve demonstrated the DIY Book Scanner all over the US and even in Canada. The most important thing I’ve learned is: to see is to understand. Every single person who has seen the scanner in person immediately thinks of at least one book they’d like to scan and share. So I highly, highly recommend checking out the DIY Book Scanner that Ben Varadi has constructed for the Tulane CIPLC. It’s on display now:

Although it may not be immediately obvious, the screen on the top of the scanner, showing pages of scanned books, is a watershed moment for DIY Book Scanners. Though it hasn’t been shared publicly yet, it’s the first instance of a fully integrated scanner using a computer to control the cameras. It’s ten steps in the right direction — one of our technological dreams is to create a Linux LiveCD containing everything you need to scan books from end to end.

However, the scanner is far from the most important thing there. Ben has not only been the main proponent of a 100% Free Software workflow — with extensive documentation — as well as producing some of the most complete and extensive hardware documentation on the forum to date — but he also works on the Durationator, which, in the fullness of time, will allow us all to check the copyright status of a given work. In other words, what Ben is working on not only uses DIY Book Scanner technology, it enables us all to make better use of scanning technology.

If I were anywhere near New Orleans, I would be checking out this meeting if only for the opportunity to meet Ben. Here are the details:

A news article about the event.

Automata Sculpture Show
Clattering Collection of Kinetic Art in the 9th Ward

The Candle Factory,
4537 N. Robertson St. (at Japonica Street),

As always: the proof is in the pictures. If you attend, please capture more:

Young book scanners at work!

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