Time Lapsed 2009. 2010 I Turn 28.

The year began on fire.

I rocked the Winter Carnivale.

Built a book scanner.

And another.

Baked bread.

Studied math in the early hours.


Made music.

Made machines. That make machines.


Saved books from drowning in Valley City.


Revived You Are Not Dead with Black Pants Theater, soon to be a play in Vancouver, BC.

Entered the book scanner in a contest.

Won a laser cutter.

Used the laser cutter to make a book scanner.

Tooth infection gone bad.

Lost my apartment.




Spoke in New York at NYLS. (image courtesy and copyright NYLS, used without permission)

Won a Kindle in a contest for laser-etched art.

Featured in Wired.

With Matti, built a light field camera.

Watched my building collapse and my hopes of easy progress with it.

Got a birthday gift I’ll never forget.

Got rear-ended about ten minutes ago. This year won’t die without a fight, but I’m a chin-up fighter.

Ups were up. Downs were way down. The balance is even, rising.

In a few hours I’ll have aged. Twenty eight, over ten thousand days and a third of the way there.

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4 Responses to Time Lapsed 2009. 2010 I Turn 28.

  1. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    happy birthday.

  2. judith says:

    dan, you’re brilliant and i wish you nothing but good things (:

    happy day of your birth (:

  3. Kelli says:

    happy birthday fake. visit you soon. luck in the new year.

  4. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    your bread is always sassier and prettier than mine. .. someday they should battle, perhaps the ugly duckling will win.

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