So, Engadget held a contest to win a Kindle 2. The idea was to make artwork for the back that was totally amazing. I won the contest.

I also decided to make my design public domain. So if you want this design on your Kindle, or on anything you own, you may use it. In fact, you can do anything you want with it ever. That’s the beauty of PD.

Files here.

Now, Engadget has a page up with the winners, and it shows my Kindle being engraved in NYC at Adafruit! Hilariously, this was probably around the time I was in NYC for the D is for Digitize conference.

I received the thing a week or two ago.

And now they’ve done an episode of the Engadget show that features my Kindle! So go check out this short video, all the laser-related stuff is at the end.

It’s here on Engadget. It’s pretty awesome, and there’s a gallery of the other winners as well.

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3 Responses to TO THE LASER!

  1. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    that pick and place is adorable!

  2. Poodus says:

    “We’re going to set the power to about 60 percent to we don’t burn through the kindle”

  3. danreetz says:

    Loved that. They know full well they could never get through the aluminum, but they sure could make an ugly mess out of the back.

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