Tis the Sleazin’

As Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, so Christmas has officially begun with Black Friday.
I have been looking for a nice Advent Calendar with a manufacturer coupon on each date. But all I can find are ones with Bible verses or German chocolates.

-Shannon Tomac

To what extent does the fundamental knowledge acquisition mechanism of religious faith — which is to say, to uncritically and unconditionally accept fantastic stories and bizarre language — groom groups into uncritical consumers? Could it be that the purchasing habits of Christians are, on the whole, more consistent than their beliefs?

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3 Responses to Tis the Sleazin’

  1. Hannah says:

    Ahhh, beautiful. Merry Crassmass!

  2. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    cough.. according to hobby lobby the sleazin’ starts in

  3. Shannon Pauna says:

    American people will buy crap mostly because marketing it does an incredible job influencing behavior. The unknowing are being programmed in a way this is not beneficial to anyone but those in high ranking positions with skeletons in their closet that you wouldn’t dream of . What is preached now is fear and consumerism. The puppet master’s have been at work for some time. One must not forget that fiction novels must make sense, often times reality never does.

    The people will believe what the media tells them to believe. – George Orwell


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