My brother, his choir:

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5 Responses to Bulletproof.

  1. Noah says:

    Damn, that was killer.

  2. samh says:

    Thank you, Gold Beach HS Choir.

  3. judith feist says:

    was, and still is, one of my favorite radiohead tunes…

  4. danreetz says:

    Mine, too.

    I was so excited when Mike said he was arranging it for choir. I always knew he was a king hell musician, but now I think it’s evident, in a very public way, the kind of teacher he is, as well.

  5. Mike Reetz says:

    When I work on concert music for 2+ months, it has to be something I can handle hearing hundreds of times. The kids had an easy time connecting with this song, even though most of them have no idea who Radiohead is. The more and more music education is shot to the wayside, the harder I work to prove it a rigorous and relevant part of their education. Singing Radiohead is as important as anything my school is offering.

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