Vote For Daniel Reetz!

Engadget is giving away some Amazon Kindle ebook readers. Please vote for me! I’m #2 (Assembly).

UPDATE: To thank everyone for their votes, I have released this artwork into the public domain. It is now free to use for anything by anyone.



I worked pretty hard on my contest entry. First, I made a 3D model of the Kindle:

From the model, I created this illustration, which will be lasered on a Kindle, should I win.

Currently, I’m #1.

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6 Responses to Vote For Daniel Reetz!

  1. C says:

    Though I still disagree with you that paper books are dead, …cool design. I voted.

  2. danreetz says:

    Umm, when did I say paper books are dead?

    I have said that they’re expensive, bulky, difficult-to-maintain, and other things, but I’ve never proclaimed their death.

    Thank you for voting.

  3. samh says:

    What really tickles me about this design are the few books laid out haphazardly to the bottom right of the drawing. The argument that paper books are dead/alive will rage for another century I’m sure but one must always hold onto what they represent and your design pays tribute to this.

  4. Poodus says:

    Word. How the books were laid out on the bottom did it for me, also. Congrats, bro! I hope you win.

  5. Angela Hunkler says:

    Learning will be manifest in many realms; love your work, dear nephew

  6. K says:

    i so enjoy your work. 🙂

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