Käfer, no more.

My Dad and I labored long and hard to restore my Type 1. We tore the thing down to bolts and built it back up again. I’ve been holding on to it for years because I still love it, and because I’ve always wanted to drive it again. Unfortunately, times are tough, and I have to part with my beloved bug. Goodbye, old friend.

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5 Responses to Käfer, no more.

  1. michebobiche of cakebobake says:

    sorry for your loss,

    s/he’s beautiful; sometimes parents just have to letgo.. let the kids do their thing.

  2. Meg says:

    Aww. I can’t help but notice you created a new category just for this post. It is that much of a bummer. 🙁

  3. samh says:

    Farewell, inanimate friend.

  4. andy (oldest friend) says:

    Sorry Dan! That is so sad! I remember the time you started it up for me down in the shop and it was in reverse at the time and it took off backwards. It ran into my leg and pinned it between the car door and your dad’s hot rod! luckily it did not hit the hot rod, but if I remember right, I swear the tail pipe went into the garage door. Again, sorry for your loss! Hope all is well otherwise!

  5. Poodus says:

    While Dad and I were fixin’ it up, I got to drive the Beetle around the block a few times. What a damn cool car (Wait, it’s not a car, is a VOLKSWAGEN).

    Sad to see the patch of (no longer) grass where it rested for so long. Although, it’ll be good for the Käfer to have a new life.

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