Through The Virtual Cell WIN

You may recall “Through the Virtual Cell“, an educational short film for which I produced sound and music.

Quoting Dr. Slator:

I am pleased to announce the winners of the South Beach
International Animation Festival have finally been announced
and posted online at

where the winner of the ‘Education’ division is
“Through the Virtual Cell” (

Brian Slator


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4 Responses to Through The Virtual Cell WIN

  1. Noah says:

    Fantastic, man.

    (This is just a warm up for the laser cutter!!1)

  2. megh says:

    Wootastic indeed. Is there anywhere we can see this film that’s not in Florida and in the past?

  3. danreetz says:

    It will be made available later rather than sooner.

  4. AugustSummers says:

    Congrats. Can’t wait to hear it… hopefully.

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