Hold, please.

I abhor putting this kind of notice up. My apologies.

I will not join Facebook, so please, stop asking. Any technological miscarriage which so grossly misrepresents friendship, while deliberately wasting thousands (millions?) of man-hours that could otherwise be put to creative use, in the name of serving advertisements, should be classified as a weapon against humanity.

Positive news and normal updates soon.

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6 Responses to Hold, please.

  1. decker. says:

    i respect that. i use those shits, but i respect your viewpoint. props, sir.

  2. Poodus says:

    Amen, brotha.

  3. no offense, but if you ever joined a social network, i might fear for humanity. 😉

  4. danreetz says:

    there’s no humanity in social networks, so what’s to fear, dear?


    chances are good the Corporation will join up someday, but not in the way you might expect and probably not until the next-gen services arrive.

  5. neighbor says:

    Would founding an anti-social network be oxymoronic?

  6. danreetz says:


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