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Dear Max,

A year’s passed since our last long letter, a lot has happened, as a matter of course. Scapegrace that I am, you’ve probably come to expect this from me, and you’d be right. I’m slow to write back and reluctant … Continue reading

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Fargo Winter Carnivale 2009 Features Fake

I’ll be performing at the Fargo Winter Carnivale. The show will be at the historic Fargo Theatre on January 10th. If all goes well, I’ll be playing a later slot towards when the films will be playing, though I can’t … Continue reading

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Song For My Times.

Не спи, не спи, художник, Не предавайся сну. Ты вечности заложник У времени в плену. Борис Пастернак, НОЧЬ

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The Moon Outside My Window

High Intensity Discharge lamplight gives a distinctly lunar cast to Fargo vistas: (click for larger version)

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User Input 2

We’re quickly approaching a future where everything can be annotated by the user. Think editable tags stuck everywhere. They might look like stickers, but they might also look like nothing at all, and be embedded inside things. Everyday things will … Continue reading

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Fight Christmas With Guns

Conservatives and the religious right imagine a world in which Christmas is under attack. For Christmas last year, I decided to give them the gift of validation: I helped make the straw man stand up on his own. Freedom of … Continue reading

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When Poor Spelling Serves To Enhance Threat

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Best sign ever.

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Dinosaurs Drive Among Us.

Generations who won’t remember why this sign exists.

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Passenger seat in the back.

Reserved parking at old folks’ homes. To be followed with euphemisms about death.

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