Public Domain Images of Burning Vehicles

My time as an artist working on educational games made me acutely aware of the need for quality reference materials. As such, whenever I run across something interesting, I take hundreds of pictures. I’ve decided that some of these are useful enough to warrant the pain of uploading and cataloging.

Here is a collection of 153 images of a truck which spontaneously caught fire and burned a delivery van next to it. I am releasing these images into the public domain, you may use them however you see fit. I ask that you not hammer on my server with any download clients, though. These images will be here indefinitely, and if you’re gentle, this can be a free lunch for both of us.

I made two contact sheets so that you can see which images are relevant to your project. I’d like to thank Joe Francis for the initial inspiration, and Hannah Filer for the great conversation that afternoon.

I’ll be slowly releasing a lot more (and hopefully a lot more interesting) content into the public domain over the next few months.

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