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Foveon X3 5m / Polaroid X530

edit: this post will return later.

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Fakeproject at the Fargo Theatre, 2003, and where it’s taken me.

Shaun Fort and I played a show at the 2003 Fargo Winter Carnivale, held in the Fargo Theatre. I recently had the pleasure of revisiting the show with Shaun (though we’ve maintained occasional contact, we’ve also more or less gone … Continue reading

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Aesthetic Effluent

I constantly and consistently document process and production. Sometimes this yields a byproduct that is interesting in its own right. A contact sheet with a few dozen shots of camcorder viewfinders “hacked” to display NTSC video from a surveillance camera. … Continue reading

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Public Domain Images of Burning Vehicles

My time as an artist working on educational games made me acutely aware of the need for quality reference materials. As such, whenever I run across something interesting, I take hundreds of pictures. I’ve decided that some of these are … Continue reading

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Four Thousand.

Today You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living was downloaded from for the four-thousandth time. That number refers to downloads of the zip file; plays with the embedded player have numbered over 22,000 for the first two … Continue reading

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