You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living

Five long years, hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and millions of mouse-clicks have gone into the making of You Are Not Dead, A Guide to Modern Living. This album of electronic music is a joint effort between myself and writer Meg Holle, plus piecewise contributions from a half-dozen highly talented artists times the latest in absurdly powerful audio manipulation software. The album consists of twelve audio tracks and one wickedly written, heavily illustrated guidebook.

You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern living is available now, free:

Please tell everyone who might enjoy it.

Your comments are requested and appreciated.
Daniel Reetz

PS. Some pages may be changing a little; pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Any problems with the site, let me know.
PPS. Don’t miss my upcoming all-ages show at the Aquarium in Fargo, April 7th, 7pm.
PPXS. Torrents of very-high-quality MP3s will be posted late Monday night, but not before.

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