The End is How


Began graduate studies in the CVN at NDSU in Minard Hall.
Bought a mill and taught myself to use it.
Built a “DOF adapter” for M42-mount lenses.
Modified a DV camera for use with the adapter.
Built an Arca-Swiss compatible camera mount.
Cut my own Arca-Swiss plates.
Built a camera rotator.
Built a camera stabilizer.
Built a prototype tactile stimulator for attention research.
Built a GPS hotshoe mount.
Built a laser rack for vision research.
Built a prototype light switching system for bass drum pedals.
Built a parabolic WiFi antenna from an old heater.
Built a crude WiFi antenna from a baking pan (Pantenna!).
Machined a miniature revolver cylinder as a gift.
Wrote my first serious software program. (Results).
Developed a method to preserve difficult-to-photograph varnished architectural paintings.
Developed a site-specific installation for the Plains Art Museum.
Spent the best part of the summer with Meg Holle.
Built a dual-camera hidden camera bag.
Developed and performed an audio/video performance at the Plains Art Museum.
Interviewed for the MSUM Arts and Humanities Newsletter.
Interviewed for NDSU Magazine (thanks Laura!).
Bought a new bike and rode the hell out of it.
Modified my camera bag.
Celebrated Halloween, my favorite holiday.
Spent some time with the first woman I ever loved.
Learned my first Mandarin words.
Caught a bat in the hallway.
Created Fight Christmas With Guns!
Released the Graf Paper coloring book.
Released a collection of Soviet Movie Posters.
Released a collection of Soviet Food Advertisements.
Received 4 stitches, 2L of intravenous saline, and a $1500 bill from MeritCare.
Modified a miniature GPS receiver and:
Built a single-transistor camera-GPS interface.
Planted a garden of weeds, which subsequently reproduced.
Spent a number of evenings photographing with Mr. Fort.
Presented at the Great Plains Tech Expo.
Visited Murphy’s Surplus in El Cajon.
Fixed a PowerShot SD630 and helped a bit with porting CHDK onto it.
Wrote an NSF GRFP Application on HDR Imaging and Vision.
Helped with various translations at IATE.
Drank beer with friends.
Attended numerous conferences, including:
SIGGRAPH 2007 (San Diego).
Vision Sciences Society (Sarasota, Florida).
RADIANCE (Minneapolis).

This isn’t everything, by any means. These are the things I’ve finished, or that didn’t need finishing. Much remains ongoing.

I am satisfied with what I’ve done, but it’s crystal clear to me that I’m tool-making. By that, I mean developing the means to do things. This is a good list, but it’s a list of potential, of gearing up for more and better bigger plans than tooling. I haven’t wasted any time, and I’m not yet dead. The next step is to shift my focus from the instruments to the task at hand. 2008 will be the year of wrestling hard problems.

Be patient with me as I may not be very talkative.

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