Show at the Plains Art Museum

I’ve long been silent in official art channels, bucking galleries for websites, museums for street art. However, an offer for an exhibition in the Plains Art Museum’s Café Muse was too good to turn down. I have a show there — “Photographs by Dan Reetz“[PDF], which is on display from today, July 2nd, until September 28th. It is all-new work, created with the Museum in mind and as subject. Using today’s technology — digital cameras, 3D modeling, and compositing tools, I’ve put the Museum in a state of distress that even the staff can’t remember.

The official description:

Photographs by Dan Reetz

July 2 – September 28

Café Muse by Mosaic Foods

Photographers like Brian Walski, Adnan Hajj, Yevgeny Khaldei and Hwang Woo-Suk have set the 21st Century standards in journalistic photography. Following their lead, ex-Museum janitor Dan Reetz presents a series of photographs that sell a story about the Museum. The former sculptor, video game artist, and current graduate student of Visual Neuroscience at NDSU, utilizes the latest digital capture and image production technology to show the Museum as no one has ever seen it.

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