On the radio.

Ten or so years ago, RadioSh*ck would give you a store-made sheet of frequencies for your newly purchased police scanner. When I transferred to the tiny, shitty store near Wal-Mart on Highway 10, I found a copy of one of those sheets in the back room and stashed it away in a folder. While RadioSh*ck has consistently and drastically declined in quality, the usefulness of the frequency sheet I found has not.

The legibility of my copy is pretty poor — (it looks like a fax of a photocopy of a felt-penned personal log) — and some things were unreadable. Where possible, I guessed or checked with my own lists. Where impossible, I simply marked “illegible”.

Here’s a copy of the original handout on Fargo-Moorhead Scanner frequencies.
Here’s the same in Open Office .ODS
In Excel .XLS

In the last few weeks I’ve unearthed a trove of old Fakeproject-generated and collected materials, project documentation, other things. I’ll be releasing it as it gets scanned and written up.

I would be extremely glad to hear from you if you had anything related to me, us, Fakeproject, the MSUM art department, the Will Kill for Gas campaign, the Fargo Winter Carnivale, or any other Dan or Fake/Fakeproject ephemera from between 1997-2007. I will scan photographs, slides, negatives, drawings, diagrams, notebooks, digitize VHS, make DVDs from your tapes, if you will only loan me a copy.

My email address is on the front page. Please write if you have something.

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