The Punch Below the Belt

In conjunction with an acquaintance of mine, Jonathan Rouse, I’ve made available this US government pamphlet about the Japanese tactics used in WWII.

Update: Alan White had these interesting thoughts about the pamphlet:

“The date of publication is 1 August 1945. The A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August. At that time, the Allied forces were gearing up for a potential invasion of Japan. They were anticipating last-ditch defenses much stiffer than seen at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Estimated Allied casualties were predicted to be 400,000 to a million. This booklet could very well have been started into production in preparation for the invasion, but then never produced in mass numbers because the end of the war came a few weeks later.

The front encourages individual units to reproduce the book and distribute it to individual soldiers. The explanation on that page is dated 15 July 1945, so they went to press very quickly after that, on 1 August 1945. I doubt many, if any, copies of this ever reached soldiers.”

The Fakeproject Corporation of America will continue to release interesting books. Watch this space for news.

Attribution: Jonathan found the book and scanned the whole thing. He posted a request for hosting; I cleaned the images and posted them. Long live the Internets! Long live good people with cool stuff.

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