Oh, Me of Little Faith.

Lots of new developments around here, but most are background operations that you don’t need to see. Three new projects going online shortly; expect them by the end of June. The wait you’ve been waiting (assuming you’ve been by) will be worth it.

I’ll be moving into a new apartment again at the end of this month, so trying to get together/call/whatever around that time is not a good idea. I simply won’t have time or energy to do much else. I’m quite excited about the new place; hopefully it will end up being the last place I live here in Fargo. And though I’ve said that a few times, it’s ultimately clear to me that Fargo is not my future. I can’t spend much longer than another year here. I’ll spam everyone with my new address when I’ve gone and moved in.

Finally, I’ve started working with some guitar sounds from Doz M., and some cello sounds from Nate H. I’m quite excited about these new musical developments; the next set of tracks is going to be quite wonderful. As far as the existing album goes, demos are being sent out. Unfortunately almost none of the people who received advance copies of the album bothered to mail back their favorite tracks, so I had to make the demo without their help. Special thanks to the few that did get back- and curse the sloth of those who didn’t.

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