Fakeproject Dot Com Is Gone.

After long deliberation, downloadation, and backup-ation, I’ve gone and deleted the contents of fakeproject.com from the server. There’s a lot of organization and re-structuring happening behind the scenes, and leaving the content of old up there for all was inhibiting progress. Over time, I’ll make archives of everything that was ever up available; the problems come from inconsistent coding and poor file management- tons of dead links, broken images, pages leading nowhere. Hardly a professional front.

The new fakeproject.com will be back soon, with news on new tunes, new projects, and stuff to download.

I’ve had the pleasure of perusing the spoils spring cleaning week in Fargo this week- most notably, I acquired a Towa T-1000 copy machine. It’s got a blue toner cart in it, and a sheet feeder. After spending some time fixing a bad solenoid (the ferrite rod had rusted to the shell) I got the machine running. It will come in very handy when producing the limited run of my forthcoming album, You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living. There will be a limited, hand-produced run to give to people who helped with the album; after that, there will be no giveaways or sales, as I’m going to be shopping the demo around.

Today, when riding bike to work, I spotted a pulse-monitor monitor. You know, with the little green graph that jumps when you hear the beeping of your own heart. It had a little printer attached to the bottom too, with a bit of ticker tape sticking out. I’m not sure if it was there to reproduce the graph, or to pump out receipts…

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