I spend my waking life making art, hacking cameras, and developing optical systems. Since 2003 I've been doing R&D as an artist/engineer/researcher in industry and on NIH, NSF, and US D.o.Ed funded projects. Nothing here represents those projects or the work I did for them.

I speak some Russian, decent English, and no marketing. My artwork goes under the moniker Fakeproject Corporation of America. You may have heard of my DIY Book Scanner project, or my synthetic camera array work, or my music. Or maybe you heard about what kind of friend I am. In any case, I'm glad you stopped by. My blog has the latest.

You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living
Demo Reel
The Fakeproject Corporation of America
Images of Soviet Food
Soviet Film Posters
Abuse of the SIFT algorithm
The Punch Below the Belt
Kandalaksha -- Photos of Russia's Great North
ArtView: Photographs by Dan Reetz
A time-lapse camera project
Senior Show, 2004
Much of the content here is available under an open license. Contact me for details.